Reborns are overtaking my room.

I seem to have them everywhere, they even have more clothing than I do.

But in this hobby can you blame me?

Last night was a long one.

Summer had a hard time settling down and woke crying.

I’m not sure what the problem was, maybe she had a nightmare or wasn’t feeling very well.

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Could have been as simple as just wanting a cuddle..

But when she started trying to climb out of her cot by herself, I figured that there was no way she would settle back down by herself.

So I ended up bringing her with me to my bed and lying down with her.

We had a cuddle and then started to sing quietly. Summer seems to like it when someone is singing and her crying soon stopped.

Then I began to tell her a story.

It wasn’t long into the story when I looked down at her and saw that she had fallen back to sleep.

She always looks so serene when she sleeps.

I was glad that she had been able to settle again and then it was just a waiting game before I would be able to take her back to her cot.

I have to wait until she is fully into a deep sleep, if not then she will just wake again.

I am lucky that when she woke she did not disturb Aurora as well.

Dealing with one now isn’t so much of a problem, but if she had woken Aurora it might have been harder to get her to go back to sleep as quickly.

Now that her nights sleep has been broken I am hoping that she will sleep in longer in the morning.

But I won’t even dare to hope that I will be able to get a lay in.

Just because one of the reborns wakes during the night, the others will still want full attention in the morning.

Something that I am sure will put me on auto pilot for the rest of the day.

So I will say night now with the hope that I may be able to get some sleep myself soon.

To read more about what happens in our reborns nursery use the link below.


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