Reborn blog 3rd August 2022

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Yesterday was such a quiet day in the nursery again so there really wasn’t much to blog about.

We had rain and thunder and lightening all day again.

This made the babies just quiet and needing to be distracted. So in truth there really wasn’t anything to say yesterday.

Today we have woken at 07.20 to clearer skies and some sun, which is really nice. Whether it will stay that way though is another matter.

First to wake this morning has been Tianna.

So woke a little bit fretful so I brought her to my bed for a cuddle, a
feed, a change and some mummy time.


Tianna is normally a very content baby, so it’s nice sometimes to just have her to focus on for a few minutes. Well at least until the others start to wake, which I doubt will be that long.

Before too long it was time to get up and begin getting outfits ready for some of the other babies

Now I don’t change my babies everyday. When I am in the mood to, or when I feel they need it.

It could be as simple as having brought a new outfit for them and wanting to try it on them.

Breakfast time went by surprising well, with four babies waking at the same time.

But with a little help I managed to get all four feeds and settled again fairly swiftly.

I then placed Riley down for some tummy time, while my daughter read a story to the others.

It is the most fun when the nursery becomes a family thing.

If you want to see more of what goes on in our nursery, just click the link below.


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