Yay we’re reborn expecting!

Reborn expecting

This is a really exciting time in our nursery.

We are pleased to announce that we are reborn expecting. (Not that you couldn’t of guessed that from the title though right.)

Until we do the box opening we do not want to say what the baby is, or who the artist is.

Needless to say that the artist is amazing.

Their work is stunning and I just can’t wait.

It’s going to be super exciting until the baby has been posted. Then it will be nerve wrecking. Waiting for the baby to arrive. I know both artists and new mummies are equally as nervous during this time.

Waiting for the arrival of the new little one came seem to take forever.

We know that our babies are being carefully and lovingly made, yet we are just eager to cuddle.

Plans are made, names are picked out and new outfits are selected.

In fact I can’t think of that many hobbies which can have you excited for a few months, in the case of a custom baby that is.

So to find out updates about this baby, to watch the box openings and the see photos of the baby, please keep checking this site, or join our . group, where I post pics and videos of my babies.

You can find the group at


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