Today the babies were sleeply, Sarah Jane woke up first, she really is such a sweetheart.

I adore her little face.

She wanted to just have a bottle, change and some time for cuddles.

Some mornings it is just nice to be able to sit and cuddle for awhile. With it being Sunday today and all my children being asleep still it was possible to do just that this morning.


When I took Sarah Jane down stairs after about 30 mins of cuddles, one of my daughter’s was finally awake, well awake although not with it.

I handed Sarah Jane to her so that they could play for alittle.

I love to see the interaction between the reborns and my children.

Yes I know many people would say that the reborns are my children, but I differentiate between my actual living real life children and my dolls, my babies.

Some people I know treat and act like the reborns are their real babies. I respect that and get it.

But for me I do seperate them. So if I am speaking about my babies I will use the term babies or dolls. When talking about one of my five real life children then I refer to them as such.

I hope this makes some kind of sense and that you understand what I am saying.

So Sarah Jane spent some time just having fun and enjoying being down by herself with us.

My daughter made her laugh by being silly and dancing around her to the new Ed Sheeran song. ( my daughter and I are big Ed Sheeran fans).

Not long after we were joined by Lucas, Tammy and Summer, who had woken up and wanted some time with us as well.

Summer giggles when we dance which is so sweet.

Lunch was a great thing as everyone gathered round to hear the news.

The news was that we are going to be getting another member to the nursery.

This new members will be so welcomed into the family and everyone is now looking forward to seeing them.

Summer, Aurora and Harper are all already talking about what they are going to do when they get here.

One thing is for sure and that is that everyone has agreed that we have to have a party.

baby shower ideas

A party to me sounds like a really great idea and I will begin to plan for this.

Will have to make it a gender neutral party.

I really am looking forward to the time when I get all my babies back together in one place.

That will be a great day.

I will defiantly need to get more places for my babies to go as currently there is not enough beds or shelf spaces for them, every baby will eventually get its own space . It has to.

If you like what you have read and want to see more of what happens in our nursery, please use the link below,


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