This kit is the Aster sculpt by Toby Morgan.


The full price for this kit is currently $99.95

A completed little baby from this kit measures 18 inches in length which makes this little one such a cute size.

With full arms and legs it is easy to dress this one in any clothing and have her still look sweet.

As this is an open eyed baby you will need to purchase some 18mm sized eyes.

With this kit the soft doe body is included in the price of the kit.

The kit itself is made from light soft vinyl.

Also included with this kit is the Certificate Of Authenticity.

There has only been a maximum of 300 kits made of this little one, so it is a limited edition kit.

I think the Aster sculpt lends itself to being made into a little girl.

I haven’t yet seen a boy made from this kit that I have fallen in love with yet.

If you like this baby and want to purchase your own kit to make then please use the links below.

Truborns- America


Macphersons -Canada


To see more kits by Toby Morgan, please use the link found below.


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