OK, so I’ve been waiting to find out the benefits of being part of the DAU.


So I referred to the DAU website for this information.

That’s what the site says is good for all members.

“How about discounts at over 300,000 of the world’s top retailers?

“Up to 50% off dining and shopping at partner retailers.

Exclusive discounts on doll sets from the world’s top producers.

Significant savings on select materials and consumables.

Exclusive travel deals and hotel stays.

Save on tickets for events, theme parks and concerts around the world
Fraud protection and reimbursement for union members.

Exclusive tickets to the annual Black Tie Dinner and Awards Dinner.

Access exclusive merchandise
Select early purchase options for upcoming kits (get your kit first!)
there are more!

In addition to the huge savings within our community, unions will provide a legal basis as needed.

If our industry comes under attack again, we will hire and fund appropriate legal representation.

Our job is to provide members of Doll World a safe and productive environment to enjoy the amazing world of Doll Creation!

I have to say, I would love to be at the awards show, reporting and interviewing whoever wins. If there are seats available, can anyone at the DAU?

It’s a good idea to be able to get some of the kit’s benefits in the first place.

The protection of having a DAU is also invaluable.

Sometimes in this hobby, you feel alone when you are the victim of scams or bullying.

It’s nice to know that you’re part of something big, that you’re not alone and that you don’t have to deal with anything on your own.

The community has been very positive from the start, which is one of the reasons I joined it. I love the friendliness of all this.

But times have changed in a way, and some people seem to think it’s okay to bully and laugh at others.

This doesn’t work. Never and never will be.

So I think being part of the DAU will help its members.

Am I a member? No. But then again, I’m not a reborn artist.

They are a talented group of people who deserve respect, not bullying.

To see the DAU website for yourself, please use the link below.


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