You have heard me keep saying that I will do a reborn outing of some kind.

Due to where I live this is often a difficult thing to do.

But finally I decided that the very least I could do is show you the babies outside.

reborn outing

reborn outing

I choose Angelica to take out as it has been awhile since I have really done much with her recently.

Before taking her out she needed to have her breakfast and also get changed.

reborn outing


So I gave her the morning feed of milk and began to get her ready.

reborn outing

I was lucky because Angelica was very well behaved and drank her milk with out any fuss.

A quick check to make sure she was ready and warm enough and then it was time to place her in her snowsuit.

reborn outing

When she got outside she was looking around everywhere to see what she could see.

She does love to see what is going on and if a wild animal goes past that makes it even better for her.

reborn outing

One of the things that I love about this baby is her face. I think she has such a sweet little face.

Also her eyes, they are so stunning and big that it just makes her look like she is alert and wanting to see everything.


We didn’t stay outside too long as it was really very cold.

But for the time we were outside Angelica really loved it.

When we came in we had a cuddle in the living room whilst I had a cup of tea.

reborn outing

Overall it was a really nice morning, the snow looks very pretty and so peaceful,

It’s just a shame it is so cold.

reborn outing

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