The above picture is from Paris Alley reborns.

Within the reborn community there is a lot of differences between collectors.

There are differences from gender to location and even ages.

Now a lot of people would say that really due to the cost of them, that reborns are really only for the over 18s.

But I am not sure.

Picture by Tamara Leigh reborns.

I mean yes they do cost alot of money, but isn’t it up to the individual person to decide who can use and care for the reborn?

We all know that most 8, 9 and 10 year olds can not afford to buy their own, so it stands to reason that if they do own a reborn that it has been purchased for them by an older person.

Personally I allowed my daughter to care for the reborns with me from the age of 10.

I have found that this has only strengthened our own mother-daughter relationship and given us both a love for the hobby.

Also I do not feel that there should be any age limit to the owners of reborns, so what if someone who is 99 wants to sit and cuddle with a reborn.
They have surely earned it.

So my point here is basically that people shouldn’t be made fun of or picked upon just for having a reborn no matter how old they are.

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