I have been seeing an increase within the community of a lack of respect towards others

I personally think that this is really sad.


One of the things that I loved about the community when I joined was how much support we gave each other and how we lifted one another up instead of focusing on bringing each other down.

So I want to suggest that in fact it isn’t too late to do this.

That in fact we still have time to get back to that.

Now I am not sure if it is envy or just a clash of personalities.


But what I do know is that if we carry on this way, by scamming and cheating each other that we will in fact lose so many amazing people.

So I am asking people to think twice before they leave any negative comments, think twice before taking money from someone if you are not 100% able to forfil your end of the deal.

Every one here has their own issues they are dealing with, their own struggles in life.

Sometimes that little bit of friendship and thoughtfulness can make all the difference to someone else.

This hobby is one that is meant to be all about love.

Lets not then turn it into something else.

Lets avoid the hateful comments

We should encourage others to share their babies, without the fear of prejudice and without the fear of riddicle.

So everyone.

Lets make 2022 the year we take back our community

The year we wipe out the lack of respect that is currently there.

Let us respect each other as we would like to be respected ourselves.

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