I have taken a little time to think about the past year within my reborns nursery and within the community.

So what has happened during the year?



Box openings and arrivals, goodbyes and departures, new friends made, giveaways, raffles, hauls and shopping, birthdays, new house and new nursery and so much more.

I saw the arrival of my toddler Summer, my beautiful babies from Nlovewithreborns2011, Gemini Reborn Nursery, Elies Enchanted Cradle, Tamara Leigh Reborn Nursery and Still Moments Nursery..


Both Katie and Kia have found new mummies.

They have both got amazing new mummies. Katie is already settled nicely into her new home, Kia is still awaiting shipping, which will happen this month.

I have moved home during the year and have had to begin setting up a new nursery.

This is a task that I am still trying to do. But I know that I will complete it and have a nice nursery to show.

I have had the joy of going to shops to look at baby clothes which is something that I love to do.

Also this year I have made some new friends.

This is something that I love about this hobby. I really love to make new friends.

I have also done several giveaways during the last year which I have enjoyed doing and I hope to continue to do these as long as people still make it a nice thing to do.

I set up a Patreon page as well so that more people can become involved and have increased chances of winning which is great.

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