I have been so lucky and I wanted to share it with you all.

When I next go to the UK I will have a big box opening to do.

box opening

One box does contain a reborn baby, the other two contain lots of clothing and extras.

Now I do have an idea of ​​what is in there, but if I am honest I can’t really remember it all, so it will be a surprise for me as well.

box opening

So these boxes are currently waiting for me in the UK.

It’s making me eager to get back out there if I’m honest as I love that part of this hobby.

The box opening part.

It is like having a mini Christmas each time.

box opening

I will let you all have a sneak peek of what is inside the boxes but you will all have to wait just like I will to see it all.

So this little baby will make baby number 25 for my collection.

box opening

I so can not wait to get my entire collection in one place.

Have I finished adding to my collection yet?

You know if I am being honest the answer to that is probably not.

What can I say I just love this hobby.

box opening

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