Cheryl Martin is a very talented artist who is really excited about the upcoming Rose doll show 2022.

Rose doll show 2018

She started collecting vinyl reborns about 4 years ago and begun painting vinyl soon after.

“I got into vinyl Reborn’s by accident really – my granddaughter wanted” a doll that looked real and not from k-mart” , so of course google found me some! Lol
My first one I bought for her wasn’t that great actually – no surprise there since I was clueless lol
Started painting vinyl soon after then discovered silicones ….”

As an artist herself it is never easy to pick a favourite artist. There are so many artists that she respects.

“I have numerous favourite artists , I couldn’t name one as I like different aspects of each ones painting or their interpretations.”

Rose doll show 2018

Even though Cheryl started as a collector, she currently has only one silicone baby in her own private collection.

This years Rose will be her second year and she is so excited to be returning.

“I attended Rose in 2022 and thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere, friendliness, the size , the classes (I did an advanced reborning class) , proximity to hotel , meet ups in foyer ?, making wonderful friendships, events were well run and the variety of vendors was awesome – went to IDTS last year but decided to come back to Rose this year ?”

This year will be even more special to her

“Can’t wait to see and experience it all! It will be all the more special as a customer of mine who has become a good friend , and will be helping me at my display, I will be meeting for the first time?”

With her love for the babies it is no surprise that she is travelling from so far to attend

“I am travelling as far as it gets I think ! Lol. From Western Australia ??”

“I hope to have at least 2 newborn size zen and 2 preemie size full body silicones painted to bring plus at least 4 cloth bodied – total of 8…maybe a bit optimistic? ?. But I’m finishing off my last 2 customs now and then I’m onto it!”

Her prices for babies are very reasonable.

“Price range of course varies considerably according to the size and price of the sculpt. Rough estimates:
Full body
Approx USD2300 – $2600 for a micro preemie to preemie (bald) usually
Approx USD330”

Cheryl Martins Nursery

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