Plans for the upcoming Rose Doll Show 2022 are in full force for everyone from the organisers to venders and also attendees.

Rose doll show 2018

For first time attendee Mandie it is a truly exciting time.

Mandie has been a part of the reborn community since May 2015.

She first found reborns whilst taking cate of a RealCare baby for school.

“I’ve always loved dolls, but I found reborns when I was taking care of a RealCare baby for school, and I was doing research and stumbled upon some YouTube videos by Littlexloves, and I thought how incredible these realistic babies were.”

Although Mandie previously sold all of her babies, she is now rebuilding her collection as is set to welcome some new reborns into her nursery, she is in fact reborn expecting and will soon be welcoming two gorgeous additions to her home

” I currently have none in my collection, but I’m expecting two. A toddler named Amelia and a newborn named Laila.”

Rose doll show

Mandies baby she reborn

With so many reborn and silicone artists out there both on youtube and in general it is common to be a fan of so many.

When I spoke to Mandie about her favourite she told me.

” I really love SimplyReborns. Her videos are so well put together.”

A first time attendee to Rose would have so much to be excited about.

“Looking forward to definitely meeting other collectors and artists. There’s not a lot of collectors near me”

Meeting friends is one of the amazing things about the Rose doll show as in this community many of us have friends that live in different countries and the Rose is an ideal place to meet up.

For Mandie, a trip to the event is not a case of walking down the road.

In fact she is travelling around 1,500 miles to be able to participate.

And of course as with all collectors she would love to be able to leave with a brand new baby.

Rose doll show 2018

I will be doing updates with Mandie. As we get closer to the event and while she is there. All in all I think it is safe to say that she is very excited and who can blame her.

It’s a must attend event that has everything us reborn parents love.

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