During my time in this community I have learnt one thing, that is that there is never an end to the talent that is discovered, new kits, and more websites than I had ever thought possible in the beginning.


I have recently found a really amazing website to explore, and I am so happy that I did.

Truborn is a fantastic website.

It is laid out simply so is not confusing at all, even for the less tech savvy amongst us.

The pictures on there are stunning and show everything that is on offer so clearly, if the item is sold out then guess what, it says it is sold out.

As well as the normal things like ways to purchase kits, there are also exciting things like the contests that are run.

Currently the contest is around the Levi kit.

To check out the contest please use the link provided.


I love the idea of ​​contests. I think it creates so much fun within the site.

The prizes for this particular contest are as follows.

1st Place: Crystal engraved award, plus a free kit from our next edition

2nd Place: Trophy, plus free kit from our next edition

3rd Place: Goody bag, plus a free kit (of our choosing).

This website is really well worth a look.

I could easily spend ages on looking through all the pictures, seeing their pre-order and coming soon sections.

To find out a little more about them I went to the about us page and this is what they have to say using their own words.

Hi! Welcome to Tru Born and our new site! We are producers and dealers of high quality vinyl reborn kits and silicone kits.

We take pride in our amazing soft vinyl that is amazing to paint! We have been producing kits for 8 years now, and we have helped many new sculptresses get their start in the vinyl world.

We continue to strive to have the best kits in the world!”

This is a website that I will be referring back to regularly, so expect to see more links to them in my articles.

To visit the website yourself and see the range of goods and services they have to offer please use the link below.


You will not be disappointed.

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