Bringing a reborn or silicone baby to life is a hard job.


One that takes time and effort.

Rooting a baby is a skill that takes practice.

To get to being top of your art will require endless hours of patience.

The amount of times you will probably stab your fingers will be limitless.


Each babies head takes hours of concentration.

One of the best things about a rooted head is the fine thin lines that appear so realistic.

You could not tell that it was not real hair.

In every way a really good rooting artist can make it seem like the hair on the babies hair is really growing from the scalp.


It is not a skill that can be learnt in a quick time.

It comes from dedication and a love of what they do.

To many it must seem like an easy thing to do, using a needle to root hair into the head of a baby.

But there is more involved than people think.

It goes as far as even making sure the hair falls in the direction you want it to.

The hair can even be made into a crown which takes so long to perfect.

Can you even imagine how much time that will take to get right.

If the hair isn’t done correctly then it can negatively affect the babies paint work.

So to all rooting artists out there you are amazing.

Your work is certainly astounding.

You help make each baby fulfil the new reborn parents dream baby.

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