For some of you the question on if thieves are being allowed at the Doll Shows 2022 may be a strange one.

Others, maybe not so much.

In fact I am surprised that I hadn’t seen more about this.

Doll shows 2019

So when I say thieves I do not mean someone that will come along and take items from the tables without paying.

No I mean the likes of Babyclon.

Would they ever be allowed at the big doll shows?

As many of us know they have been the cause of a lot of problems within the community.

Now I know what people say, that the community should grow and be open to new people selling all kinds of babies.

My issue is not with new people in the community, it is with people who disregard the artists whos sculpts they copy.

Now some people will no doubt say that it is the sculptors fault that they should have copyrighted the sculpt.

But really is that what the community has come to where there is now no trust.

So that is why I have to ask, how are artists and sculptors being protected at Rose if Babyclon are right there?

Would this be an environment that is correct for them to be in?

So although Rose and others are doll shows not reborn shows, should some common sense not be used?

So I wondered what the feelings of other vendors and attendees were about having them there.

Do you mind if they are at the Rose Doll Show 2022 or ID&TS or any doll show for that matter?

Or do you think that everyone should be welcomed as a vendor as long as they pay for their table no matter where their babies come from.

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