With all the hype about the upcoming Rose Doll show it can be easy to overlook other just as amazing events.

One such event is the ID&TS show 2022 which is beginning in just a couple of days in Orlando Florida.

I mean come on, could there be a better location to spoil your inner child?

This event is going to be packed with so much to do that it wouldn’t be a surprise if you needed a vacation after it.

ID&TS show 2018

The classes that can be taken in this event begin today 26th June, these classes are going to be simply amazing with many new skills to learn to process your own ability.

Not only will your own craft grow but you will make friends and have fun.

Id&ts show 2018

Then of course you have all the other events, the banquets, the awards, the shower and the exhibition itself.

The ID&TS show 2022 exhibition itself begins on the 29th June, where you can come along and meet some of your favourite artists and see their amazing work first hand.

You can admire the skill that they have and the dedication to their craft.

The love they put into each and every baby they create is clear to see.

If you are lucky you will even be able to purchase a special baby to take home with you to cherish forever.

Id&ts show 2018

So if you haven’t got your tickets already and can make it, I would recommend going along. It will be an very special experience for everyone.

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