Everyone that is part of the reborns community knows that it isn’t a cheap hobby to get into.


With the average cost of a baby costing around £350-£500 it made me take some time to think if there is ever really a reason for a vinyl reborn to be priced at over a £1000.

Before writing this article I spent some time looking at reborns ( hard job I know) to see the differences between the reborns priced at £1000 or over and those priced at the average price of less than half of that.

As you would expect there are some differences in the realism of the babies.

No surprise that the higher priced babies look very realistic.


“Will you be my new mummy”

But that does not mean that the lower priced babies look shop brought.

In fact far from it.

The babies that are priced at £400 can be super cute, skillfully painted and well worth the money.

Now I am not saying that the babies priced higher are not worth it.

I am well aware the amount of hours that go into making each baby.

Also the amount of years needed to get to the level that the artists charging the higher amounts have put in.

From looking at various babies at differing prices I have to say that within this community I think that there is in fact a place for both sides of the price scale.

It is not always necessary to spend high hundreds or thousands to get a baby you will love and cherish.

But if you are in a situation where you can buy one of the higher priced babies and one of them has stolen your heart then it may seem worth the price for you.

Each collector will have their own budget and it is then up to them to work out how they want to proceed with each reborn baby.

Some collections have a mix of cheaper babies and higher priced ones.

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