Don’t you think there is too much hate within this community now?

When I began this hobby several years ago, one of the first things that I noticed was all the support for each other.

That seems to have changed now, instead we sèem happy with bringing each other down, name calling and scamming each other.

Hate within the community

I expected to get hate and name calling from peopl that were not part of the community, at the end of the day most people are not kind to things they do not understand.

But to see the progressive hatred seep into the community from actual members of the community itself, well it leaves me feeling sad and confused.

We all love this hobby, we have some friends within the hobby, yet for some that isn’t enough.

Some people feel they have a right to tell you that your baby is ugly, a person reborn is a personal thing to them and they can love each reborn so telling them that it is ugly is hurtful and mean, or being told that you are a freak , from someone within the community just isn’t right.

If we don’t stand together and stand up for each other who will??

We do not expect people to come to our rescue but we do hope that within the confides of the community we can find comfort, love and understanding.

I guess this was one of the motivations in starting my own reborn website.

So now I have it and I invite you all to be apart of it.

No Hate Allowed In These Groups

To join our . group to make friends with people who are friendly and love reborns.

Our Life With Reborns . group

We also have a forum where you can say what you would like, meet new people, see what people are selling and discuss many topics about your reborn life.

Our Life With Reborns Forum

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