With the Rose doll show about to start I wanted to take some time to speak to someone who isn’t able to attend.

Rose doll show

I spoke to Suzy G from Youtubes Suzy G reborn nursery, and asked her what she feels she will miss most.

After being in the community for many years Suzy has aspirations to one day be attending one of the big doll shows such as Rose doll show.

Suzy became a part of the community aged 9 and has grown with the hobby.

Rose doll show, suzy g reborn nursery

She has started her Youtube channel, instagram and . for her babies.

At one time her own collection numbered 30 babies.

That number has since dropped as babies have had to be sold off.

One of the things that attracted her to the community is actually one of the things she is most upset about not experiencing by not attending the event.

” With all the negativity in the reborn world these days it would have been nice to have felt part of the family again, reborns for me were a way of feeling like you belonged and making new friends. Now it seems that it is a hard thing to do. You do not know any more who you can trust and who likes you for you and not what they think they might get from you.”

“I had hoped that by attending the Rose that I may have been able to reconnect with that side of the hobby, it was one of the things that I loved when I first joined.”

Rose doll show

Another reason that she is upset about missing out on the chance to attend is that she will be unable to meet some artists that she likes and see their work first hand.

In some cases this would be the only chance she would have to see them.

One day she hopes to attend and I would love to make that possible for her.

Fingers crossed that one year I can report on her being there and bring you those videos.

To see Suzy G on her Youtube channel use the link below.

Subscribe to Suzy G reborn nursery on Youtube,

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