Now everyone will have a different opinion on the subject, but I wonder how many reborn babies would make a good collection?

How many reborn babies are needed to make a good collection

At one stage, I had 27 babies in my collection.

I have since downgraded and reduced the numbers.

I find that I don’t have time for them most of the time and this type of art work should be appreciated.

There are some babies I won’t bring back home, and if I decide to give up the hobby, I’ll put them away until I feel like they’re in the right place to take them out again.

A big set has many benefits, it’s nice to have a full nursery and choose which baby to cuddle.

Especially if you have a Youtube channel because it helps keep it interesting if you have different babies to use.

However, it’s easier to form a stronger bond with your baby with a small collection.

Or at least that’s what I found.

But with so many kit options, it can be hard to decide which baby to buy.

How can you choose only a few when there are so many beautiful babies to choose from.

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