Reborn adventures don’t stop because it’s Sunday!

For many people Sunday might be seen as the perfect day to relax, not for me.

For me Sunday is a normal day.

Get up, clean, tidy, deal with the kids, the dogs, the cats and also of course the reborn babies.

But Sunday is however a good day to stay in bed just that little bit longer.

To cuddle with one of the babies and just enjoy it.

reborn adventuresleaning

Today involved a lot of cleaning, which would have been a lot easier without the ‘help’ from Harper and Aurora.

Summer had been given toys to play with so was already happy.

It is always cute when you are cleaning and then hear a giggle from the room.

Reborn adventures that happened today.

I was cleaning my room which is where the nursery is when I heard the giggle.

When I span around I saw that it was Tammy giggling as Aurora kept pulling herself up to see into the cot and then falling down to land on her bum.

This had the effect of making Tammy and Aurora laugh.

I was gutted that I hadn’t caught it on camera, but it is moments like this that makes me love being a mum.

Tomorrow I am determined to add more pics to all my social media accounts and to do another blog.

Follow my reborn blogs to keep up to date with all the happenings in my nursery.

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